Have you ever felt like you would like more out of life? Wouldn’t it be great if you could help people, really make a difference, and get rich doing it? You may be a prime candidate for Hoskin Medical College!

Ask yourself, are you good with a thermometer? Are you good with a knife? Do waiters compliment you on how you cut your steak at restaurants? You may have hidden talent.

It would be a waste and disservice to your fellow humankind to let these dormant talents fall by the wayside. To see if you really have what it takes, just complete the short quiz below and send it in with a $500.00 application fee. We’ll do the rest.


Question One: My golf handicap is ______.

Question Two: Sixty-yards out from the green, I would use a _____ iron from the fairway.

Question Three: I prefer to golf on: Wednesdays ____ Saturdays ____ Both ____

Question Four: The 2010 Mercedes e Class comes in brown or ________ leather.

Question Five: A good dry martini uses (A) Gin, Vermouth & Olives __ , or (B) Rum & Raisins __

Question Six: My father went to: Harvard ___ Yale ____

Technical Stuff:

Question One: The human body’s normal temperature is approximately: (A) 98.6° ___, (B) 68.9° ___, (C) Around that of a good dry martini ____

Question Two: The average person has more fingers than eyes: True or False

Question Three: The esophagus is: (A) an organ in the human body ____ , or (B) a racing fuel designed by NASA ___

Question Four: The polio vaccine: (A) fights a horrible disease ___, or (B) keeps riders on their horses when they try for a goal ___.

Question Five: The organ responsible for pumping blood throughout the body is the: (A) hands __, (B) Hammond __, (C) heart __, (D) I don’t have a clue, I’m going into politics __.

Question Six: (Fill in the missing letters) When we swallow our A__a__’s apple moves up and down.

Congratulations, your done. Take a break and head out to the driving range.

Senior Administrator