Help Friends, Colleagues, and Loved Ones Celebrate Beginnings

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New Housing -- Happy Housewarming:

Argile Transport: Your belongings will be promptly delivered, as soon as we can find them.

BMC Property Management: Pets in a no-pet apartment? So, you say they were wild mice that snuck in. Loud music and fights with bikers? Application denied.

County Department of Land Designation and Permitted Use : Don’t start up that barbeque at your new home until you’ve read the Endangered Species Protection Act! Read this notice to find out more about how to comply with federal, state and local laws.


City Hall: We had a little mix up at City Hall. The bad news is you’re not married -- to each other. The good news -- one of you has a new family!

New Car:

Pooder Auto Parts. Congrats on the new car. For now, you may want to refrain from turning left or attempting to use the breaks.

New Baby:

Coming Soon.

New Puppy:

Coming Soon.