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For years I’ve enjoyed putting quirky and humorous outgoing voicemail messages on my machine. Family, friends, and even many strangers have commented how they really enjoyed these messages. I figure, if you can make one person laugh, you’ve done a good deed. Two, even better. From this noble thought comes the genesis for PJMs, published below for your enjoyment and personal use.*

Some PJms are short messages that you may record onto your outgoing voicemail message. Other PJMs are short comedic skits and satirical cuts on recent topics. You are also welcome to browse, enjoy, and send them to friends and family -- again, just for personal use, and please let folks know where it came from so they can check out EntertainTheBrain.com.

Click the link below the title to play. You can record by playing from here to your outgoing voicemail, or download a copy for fun and friends. If you’d like to download a copy, please
click here to go to the PJM Download Page.

Now on Entertonement.com. Use the player or the links below.

Diggin’ Dan’s Breaking News: Accident Response Fees

Diggin' Dan's Breaking News: Accident Response Fees sound bite


Diggin’ Dan’s Breaking News: A Tall Glass of Ice Cold Shrimp, Anyone?
Breaking News: Shrimp Infest Drinking Water sound bite


Bob’s Used Politician Lot: Cash for Clunkers
Bob's Cash for Clunkers by EntertainTheBrain.com sound bite


Printing Money!

Printing Money - EntertainTheBrain.com sound bite

Printing Money

Vote for Dan Dee

Vote for Dan - www.EntertainTheBrain.com sound bite


Dealin’ Dan’s Used Cars
Dan's Used Cars - www.EntertainTheBrain.com sound bite


Bob’s Used Politician Lot
Bob's Used Politicians - www.EntertainTheBrain.com sound bite


Chef Claude - Version 1
Chef Claude - www.EntertainTheBrain.com sound bite


Homeland Security
Homeland Security by EntertainTheBrain.com sound bite


BP Crisis Hotline
BP Hotline - www.EntertainTheBrain.com sound bite


Mugbook Privacy Team
MugBook - EntertainTheBrain.com sound bite


Woody’s Discount Mortuary & Deep Fried Fritter Shack
Woody's Discount Mortuary - www.EntertainTheBrain.com sound bite


AT&T’s iPhone Order Hotline
AT&T iPhone Debacle - EntertainTheBrain.com sound bite


And still stored on EntertainTheBrain.com:
Computer Security Office

If you like them, please send me a note and let me know what you liked. If these prove popular, I will create more.

*Yes, PJMs are also content subject to the Webstie Terms and Conditions.

Please note: Except where unambiguously and expressly indicated, each PJM is a fictional work. Even where unambiguously and expressly indicated as to the subject of the PJM, PJMs are intended as news commentary and/or parody.

Any similarities to any persons, places, or events are wholly coincidental. Further, PJMs are just for fun and are not intended to express the views of the author, his family, friends, or anyone else in particular. Unless, of course, you find a particularly brilliant bit -- that was probably me.

If you find a particularly offensive bit, well, the government made me do it. I probably didn’t have my aluminum helmut on at the time. It happens occasionally, you know. How else could anyone explain my investing track record?