Let’s Work Together!

Are you a publisher, reviewer, critic, producer, director, screen writer, website content manager/acquirer, author, musician, reporter, news gatherer, educator, blogger, career or life counselor or coach, artist, reading group member, or someone else? (No, that’s not a typo.)

There may be opportunities for us to work on cross-promotion, cross-collaboration, or some other mutually beneficial relationship that would not embarrass either of us if it were reported on the five o’clock news. (Yes, Mr. Senator, that means footsies in the men’s room is definitely out.)

Each of the pages in this section provide some ideas, to get the ball rolling. Please take a look and put on your thinking chapeau.

Reading Groups
Artists & Others

Caveat. One thing I’m not seeking right now is someone to sell me something. AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and Ajax Carpet Cleaning,
are you listening? So, no sales solicitations, please. You can solicit me from your website, but please don’t do so from mine.

Otherwise, drop me a line if you have an idea.
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