Happy April Fools Day & Just for Fun.

These can be used just for good fun, or easily modified to suit many occasions.

Please click on the links or logos below:

County Vehicle Destruction Order Do you know someone who drives an eyesore, a deathtrap, or a skunk on wheels? We’ve got an eKard for you (er, them).

Hoskin Law School Application. Do you know the next Perry Mason? Have them take the questionnaire today.

Hoskin Medical College Application. Do you know someone who is missing their calling. Have them take the questionnaire today.

Lonesome Jack’s Cactus Wholesale: Cactus Recall Notice for all.

National Loan Underwriting. New, leading indicators, such as grade school high jump ability and our Ouija Board, say the applicant is a very bad risk.

Stervin’s Top Soils & Fertilizer: Your delivery is about to arrive!

United Health Insurance Underwriters: Healthcare Insurance denial was never this much fun.