Welcome to eKardz

Now, I’m sure you’re all saying the same thing.

“Awesome! eKardz. Just what I’ve been waiting for! How cool! I can’t believe I made it so long without eKardz. Great. So, what’s an eKard?”

eKardz, the bad boys of greeting cards and online greetings. These cards have copped a ‘tude!

An eKard can be used as a greeting card or an e-greeting card. You can copy them, personalize them, email them, print them, fax them, mail them, or just drop one on someone’s desk for fun.* As you will see, eKardz are about a page long -- longer than a typical greeting card and shorter than any Russian novel. Send them to family, friends, co-workers, colleagues, and acquaintances. Or, just browse them for kicks. You can use the navigation bar above, or these links to get started:

For now, this is a self-service model based on the honor system. If eCardz prove very popular, I may look at setting up a system that will send emails for you like most eGreeting card services.

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eKardz may not be used to harass or really bother anyone. Don’t send an eKard to someone who will not appreciate and enjoy the humor in it. Doing so is a breach of the Terms and Conditions and your license to use any eKard.

eKardz are available under the Terms and Conditions for free. So, please do not remove or change the link to EntertainTheBrain.com. Doing so is a breach of the Terms and Conditions and your license to use any eKard.

Any commercial use or distribution of eKardz is subject to my prior written approval, so let me know if you'd like to use any eKardz for any commercial purpose. Let's talk turkey.

I will introduce each new eKard via the
eKardz Blog. Please check there to see what’s new. My goal is to add at least one new eKard each week, but we’ll see how that goes. If you like a particular eKard, please comment on the blog. Your feedback will give me more ideas for additional eKardz. Use the category tabs above or the navigation bar to browse the eKards. There is also a full list on the Site Map. Enjoy!

Please note: Each eKard is a fictional work. That’s right, I made it all up. Just like my taxes. Okay, Mr. IRS, that last sentence was a joke. My accountant made it all up.

Any similarities to any persons, places, or events are wholly coincidental. Further, eKardz are just for fun and are not intended to express the views of the author, his family, friends, or anyone else in particular. Unless, of course, you find a particularly brilliant bit -- that was probably me.

If you find a particularly offensive bit, well, the government made me do it. I probably didn’t have my aluminum helmut on at the time. It happens occasionally, you know. How else could anyone explain my investing track record?